We have been shooting boudoir sessions in Kansas City almost since when we started doing portrait photography, 10 years ago! Whow time flies.  We created a separate brand and website, “Bold As Love” as a creative outlet for women that want to celebrate their beauty with photography. Each session is a unique experience and we would love to hear what you have in mind.

Although we can shoot in any remote location, our studio offers many options for different looks. Again, it all depends on the vision you have in mind or that we can help you create. Whether it has a “Victoria Secret” style, a vintage, steampunk, dark look or a romantic delight, we can make it happen. Lets get together and brain storm a little. We can show you some ideas of boudoir photography we have shot before and brain storm about your session. It’s a great way also to get to know each other a bit and for you to figure out if we are the right boudoir photographers for you.

In the mean time go check some of our work on the Bold As Love website.