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Senior photography, Katy.

Our most common session for senior is the studio and outdoor one. We started in the studio with a oh-so-cute dress on a new texturized wall that Jan made recently. Tilt and shift lens and a touch of color shift, love all these 3 images. Couldn’t pick my favorite.

Michelle's senior photos in Lees Summit and downtown Kansas City.

Michelle senior session was shot partialy in our portrait studio in Lees Summit and partially down at the west bottoms in Kansas City. This is the overpass under 12th street. They are redoing the paving on both levels and it made fr am cool background in the image on the right. Crazy, spooky vines, I […]

Lucas, senior photos in Downtown Lees Summit

We took Matt‘s senior pictures almost 2 years ago, now is Lucas turn and he had a totally different approach. He wanted to stay in Lees Summit and do something simple and relaxed. How about sitting on the sidewalk, cars passing by and girls eyeballing and so on. Pretty natural and relaxed to me. He […]

Maddy's senior photo session.

Maddy’s senior session was lots of fun. We started in the studio with some classic lighting and some 5 inch platforms (she was wearing those, not me). Then we moved outside, in search for cool, dirty, gritty alleys. Tilt and shift lens and some toning with custom recipes that Jan created just for me… Sweet, […]

Zach's senior photos. Studio and outdoor session, just walking around Lees Summit

Zach is a cool dude, a swimmer, hunter and good all american boy. He’ll go places, no doubts. As for his senior photo session instead, we didn’t go too far at all. Here are some of my favorite shots. Some where taken in our portrait studio and some just around the corner from it, downtown […]

Vianca, fashion high school senior

As a portrait photographer i get to shoot a lot of high school seniors in the Kansas City area. Vianca was such a fun person to work with. Always ready to strike a pose or crack a lough. Great personality and never trying too hard to look like somebody out of a magazine, it just […]