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WPPI 2009 – Las Vegas

WPPI is the largest association of wedding and portrait photographers and they have a huge conference every year. This year about 12,000 photographers from all over the world gathered at the MGM Grand for a 5 days of photography contests, conferences and classes, tradeshow and all sorts of visual stimulation. As if Las Vegas wasn’t […]

Natalie and JT, perfect urban wedding

Natalie and JT made a promise to each other, we all do that when we get married. But in their case, it was a tremendous commitment that came from a deep and true love. They are looking at spending the next 3 years apart as each of them does their residency in different cities: Natalie […]

Michelle and Jason, fashion wedding and open spaces

This was one of those weddings, you know, where everything just rolled in place and everybody just had a great time. It’s not like we didn’t have any hick-ups, but the relationships, friends, family, love, tears, food, hugs and strong hand shakes where above everything and nothing else really mattered. We often debate among photographers […]